How to play as Paris in A Total War Saga Troy

What Paris did by flee with Helena, taking him to Troy far from King Spartan Ménelas, was made by love. He and Helen fell one for the other immediately, and bringing it to Troy, he brings the war. He must prepare for the invasion army by gathering the factions at war and win the glory of his father before his brother, Hector, to get everything Troy. Although he is called to war, he can not stay away from Helen and give him regular visit to keeping their mood enlightened or brings it to him, which can be expensive in case of calculation error.

Helen, my love and the heiress of Priam

Paris has two essential mechanisms to monitor during its campaign. The first is Helen, My Love, where Paris must abandon everything so that Helen’s happiness is the highest possible. Helen starts at Larisa Troas, but you can move her as Paris moves on the map.

By default, Helen is happy, giving the province that it is in a positive growth of 45 and 10 happiness. If Paris does not visit him, it becomes dark in four towers, which replace the positive effects for a negative happiness of six in that province. If Helen is dark for four turns, she feels alone and the province receives a negative happiness of 10 until Paris gives him visit.

Paris can invite Helen to participate in a great fest, a demonstration of competence or a gathering of prayer to offer a province of unique bonuses. Here are the bonuses for each celebration:

A great festival:
Positive growth of 75% for the province
Positive influence 10 for the province
Positive influence on adjacent provinces
A demonstration of competence
Recruitment costs for all army units decrease by 20%
All units record 700 experience points per turn
A gathering for prayer
Positive happiness 16 for the province
An increase of 50% of favors of priest rituals

The second mechanic you need to monitor is Priam’s whims. You are one of the two heirs of Priam and you compete with your brother for the influence of your father. There are different tasks available to win the favor of Priam, and three bonuses are available. A bonus can not go out once, so you have to beat your brother at this approval rating to receive it, and reaching the Trojan heir marker at the end, you receive all the provinces of Trojan and your brother in a confederate.

Play Style of Paris

You have to take your time with Paris because Helen and must stay close to each other. While Paris should have a strong army, its chosen heroes and generals will have the most powerful armies to make most fights. You want to make sure that Paris keeps Helen’s mood and ensures that his provinces prove to his father that he is worthy to inherit the Trojan throne.

Paris has some of the best Trojan archers. Use them to keep it away from the main fights and use many fighters to move the main force of the army from its best units. These constitute large defensive units to protect the walls of powerful capitals. Hire princes from Trojans to serve as a spine with your armies and use the noble Trojan tanks to flank the melee units of your enemies. Place the Trojan champions at the front, alongside Phrygian warriors and Phrygian axes, to keep them alive.

Homeric victory

The Homeric victory is the special victory path that the faction leader can choose to follow. It’s not an obligation for your faction to play this path. You can also achieve the goals of Total War’s victory and win the game.

You must meet these conditions to win the Homeric Victory of Paris:

Complete the 12 steps of the Mission of the Heroic Travel of Paris
Destroy mycenas, ithaque and Sparta factions
Have at least 600 favors with Aphrodite

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You must take your time with Paris, or you can easily find your campaign overwhelmed and stretched. Your ultimate goal should be to focus on the appeasement of your father, then find the fastest way to enlarge your first provinces to have the best buildings, and thoroughly expanding your territory, while keeping Paris close to Hélène. Defeat the father of Paris, and all Troy will be yours.