Devs Sisters Cookie Run Kingdom Day Apple App Store 3rd place

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[Kids News 24 Moon Young-soo] Devs Sisters (Joint Representative Lee Ji Hoon, Kim Jong-il) announced that mobile game ‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’ was released on the third place in Japan Apple App Store.

Cookie Run: Kingdom achieved the same performance for five days a day, a day, a day after the last 4 days. The company analyzed the popularity of the Kingdom of the Kingdom of Cookie, while the company’s enhancement, advertising video and voice content in early Japanese campaigns increased interest in cookie characters and games.

The same IP-based run game, ‘Cookie Run: Oven Brake’ ranking ranks, and it is also noticeable that it is widely accompanied by the top of the top.

Cookie runs that have been remarkable in the domestic market in the first half of this year: Kingdom has been working for more than 7 months, strengthening system stability and strengthening the content of system stability and expansion of content. Based on the know-how that has been in a fierce know-how, it declared expansion of global launches in the second half of the year and started the first week of the weekend.

TV advertising images exposed from this month are cookie run: Kingdom official YouTube channels are available on the channel and are also interested online. Japan’s model and actor Ikeda Elija raised popularity.

On the past two days, Japanese famous voice worship applied voice content that acted across cookie voices to the game. In the Japanese brave cookie, the Japanese brave cookies, from August, the newly published voice-related contents have already raised more than 40,000 Retweeters over 40,000.

Devs Sisters plans to expand colorful activities such as video and outdoor advertising, webtoons, animations, and SNS promotions, and plans to be sold for local awareness and sales performance.