Now that Metroid is back Nintendo must revive these franchises

Dusting these classics

Nintendo fans from around the world were pleased when Metroid Dread was announced, marking the first new 2D adventure for Samus in 19 years! As we get closer to his release date, I think again for other forgotten franchises that Nintendo must revive.

Diddy Kong Racing

Released in 1997, Diddy Kong Racing is a unknown hero of the kind of karting races. Featuring a central world, littered with secrets and three different vehicles that seemed unique, the game advancing gender, influencing future titles. Although a suite is in preparation before Microsoft does not recover rare, the IP has been sleeping for years. With the continued success of Mario Kart, does Nintendo revisit a day Diddy Kong Racing? I hope.


One of my personal favorites is the futuristic rider who honored the lounge consoles for the last time in 2004 with F-Zero GX. Separating from other Nintendo titles, the high octane rider removes the patented bright color scheme, opting for a more chromatic style, creating a distinct aesthetics. Although there are many games that followed the track traced by F-Zero, none managed to respond to the standard established by Captain Falcon. With its continuous success as a main character in Smash Bros. Is it time to put the captain back into his vehicle?

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Mother / Earth

The first time I saw Ness, it was in Smash Bros. And this is only later that I heard about the Earthbound / Mother series. Although the franchise has an unconditional audience, many players missed the games. With the accent put by Nintendo on the recreation and reissue of older games, it seems strange that Earthbound did not take a look. Do they plan something big for the kid that wears a baseball cap or is he condemned to spend the rest of his life as a person person does not attack at Smash Bros. ?

Mario attackers

The Moustachu plumber hit the courts and swipped on the switch, but it’s been 14 years since he did not lace his football shoes. While FIFA dominated football simulation for years, there were no arcade iterations strictly speaking. For this reason, there is an obvious vacuum on the market that Mario and his team must fill.

Land of Wario

I love the Warioware games and I can not wait to discover Get It Together! When he falls in September, however, his platform getaways miss me. Playing the villain gives an interesting gender turning, creating fun and humorous moments. Few child-centered games use this perspective, which gives the game a unique identity. His mischievous and selfish behavior distinguishes him from other main characters. Unfortunately, because of the success of Warioware, it is very likely that the dull Wario Land: Shake it! is his last adventure.

Punch !!

Where are boxing games? I have not practiced a good iteration of sport, which is depressing. Fight Night has been replaced by the UFC and it seems that ARMS took over from punch-out !! Released for the last time on Wii in 2009, the game was perfectly suited to the system based on motion control, however, with a lack of title based on the square circle, is it time for a return? You’re right it’s true! With Little Mac who gains popularity with Smash Bros. Nintendo must scoter these joins and give a glance.


Combining a range of air activities, Pilotwings has always seduced a niche audience. With three outings in the franchise, Nintendo has never been able to reproduce the success and charm of its beginnings, resulting in an interruption of 10 years. Due to the success of Microsoft Flight Simulator, more and more players look to the sky. With the fantasy to take the pilot seat in the foreground of many spirits, is it the perfect time to restart the series?

child ICARE

The appearance of Pit is emblematic. Beginning in 1986, the Greek Character wanted to lead Nintendo to the future. 35 years later, there were only three Kid Icarus games, none of which were able to seize the possibilities that engulf the character. I think it’s now time to give total control to another developer. Similar to the way Retro Studios reorganized the Metroid series, a talented company should look for a way to reinvent Kid Icarus, placing Pit among the big mascots of Nintendo.

starry fox

What happened with Star Fox Zero? With one of my favorite developers, Platinum Games, at the bar and Miyamoto personally supervising the project, everything in the game indicated that it would be the triumphal return of Fox McCloud. Unfortunately, the result of this incredible collaboration was a bunch of half-cooked ideas, poorly implemented controls and generic levels. With Ratchet and Clank at the next generation head and rail shooters, Nintendo should he start working on a Star Fox Adventures suite?

If Metroid Dread is doing well, Does Nintendo bring back other franchises that take dust in Nintendo HQ’s basements? Are there other series that you would like the Japanese giants revisit? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter, and do not forget to subscribe on YouTube for quality video game content.

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