For the 70th birthday of Paul Breitner mercilessly consistent

It is a question that should not be missing in any good football quiz: What’s the name of the only German footballer who scored a goal in two World Cup end 1? Who does not know well, who has to think about. Neither Helmut Rahn nor Gerd Müller or Miroslav Klose was – Paul Breitner stayed with his goals in 1974 against the Netherlands and in 1982 against Italy this unique selling point reserved.

Gerd Muller | 1970 FIFA World Cup Goals
Of the he – of course – nothing wants to know. Forget it! We lost the World Cup final 1: 3! This gate has no value for him. After all: International only the Brazilian Vava and Pelé and Zinedine Zidane made this feat. But defeats are not counting, this is a leading hire of man and professional footballers Paul Breitner, who is on 5 September 70 and sometimes still cultivates the fighting mode as a life form, as the Munich historian Hans Woller certified him.

Master also with Real Madrid

An exhausting life is that, but Breitner, the big polarizer, wants that, and you can keep it from him what you want: His sayings he underpinned by performance. The 1951 born in Bavarian Kolbermoor is of course a member of the Hall of Fame of German football. World Champion, European Champion, European Cup winner, Master in Germany and Spain, Cup winner there as well. In 1980, the sports journalists chose him to the footballer of the year. There were not many that were more successful than he.

What distinguishes him from most colleagues: Breitner stood in his very certain kind as a master builder of success. He was a 20-year-old more than just a footballer, he wanted to be a stripping puller, his addiction to Siegen silent, accordingly mercilessly consistently showed himself in the hunt for titles and trophies. This had to recognize that Max Merkel later, whose obligation failed at the Bayern in 1979, because Breitner – the previously already coach Gyula Lorant had bitten away – a palatal revolution, which subsequently also fell the powerful President Wilhelm Neudecker to the victim.

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His successor Willi O. Hoffmann, a Baroque Lebemann, made Breitner also granted as Pal Csernai, who became the successor of Lorant Trainer, whose training plan was strictly directed to Breitner’s specifications. Together with Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (Breitnigge), the successful rebel then determined the events on the lawn and in the cabin, the shops led Uli Hoeneß, his best friend since youth days.

A dream duo: Paul Breitner (Re.) And Karl-Heinz Rummenigge – together Breitnigge. Imago Images / Horstmüller

He returned to the national team, after six years pause, and did the torch there too. Bernd Schuster, the emerging world-class player, adopted with an open letter in the mirror from this rule. Today, this Causa Social Media would bring an explosion. A tasting from Schuster’s contribution in the mirror of June 14, 1981: Always nicely servants, in front of the national coach, in front of Paul Breitner, in front of the challenge Rummenigge, and of course always nice to give the ball when you call, always nice the bones, if you have themselves Want to be forward, and always keep the mouth when you talk. What an epic!

Some lead, some follow – Breitner never wanted to follow, not even the best life that can be colored as a professional footballer. In 1974 he had left Bayern in the direction of Real Madrid, proud to be a member of this world association, perhaps tired of the constant fighting for recognition and followers in the home. Breitner, who at the beginning of his career as politically linked to the left and in the Bavaria of Franz Josef Strauss, of course, caused a colossal, then mutated to the world man, but in the golden cage. And he exchanged the sweet life of Madrid after three years and moved into the deepest province – to Braunschweig. One season he held envy and mistreated there, then he went back to Munich, the rest is known.

Almost he would have become national coach

The end of his career in 1983 followed a existence as a biting critic, who wanted to shape the football in Germany, almost he would have become 1998 national coach, the then DFB boss Egidius Braun moved away from him in the last second. His friendship with Uli Hoeneß (I’m not going to the Allianz Arena, as long as Uli lives!) Broke twice. Wounds that a friend beats are never healing. That Breitner said with his criticism of the unspeakable press conference of the Bayern Boss (The dignity of man …) correctly, may be considered secured.

Meanwhile, it has become quieter around him, whose social vein pulses stronger, since his wife Hilde took him to a Munich table in 2006, where he takes care of himself, which lets the prosperity lying on the left. The 70 does not see him, this multi-layered character, who is allowed to look back on a fulfilling life despite all disputes. And certainly a lot to say. ## Mal Mao, once Jägermeister: Paul Breitner becomes 70