All Treasure Locations in Paper Mario The Origami King

Paper Mario The Origami King has a lot of collectibles. Too actually. All scattered through its vast world open to players to find.

Some are easy enough and can be hung by browsing the world in your quest, but some, however, are pretty bad in their investments and where they manage them. Some can be found in hidden blocks in some areas while some could be allocated for completing some actions.

Honestly, although Nintendo has placed some of these treasures in rather difficult places to reach, so to help you find them for yourself, we have created a list of all the places for each treasure below to help you reach 100% completion.


Toad Town

Graffiti underground

Picnic road

Overlook Mountain

Illumental temple of the earth

Overlook Tower

Autumn mountain

Chestnut valley

Illumental water sanctuary

Shogun studios

Ninja attraction

Big Sho Theater

Tunnel Breezy

Burning paper desert

Minor burning glass paper

Burning sandpaper is

Shroom City

Far West burning glass paper

Illumental Fire Cave

Mushroom temple

The great sea

Princess Peach

Bonehead Island

Isle of the full moon

? Isle

Hammer Island

Ice cream island



Spring of the jungle mist

Spring of the rainbows

Bowser Castle

Origami Castle