WMADIDAD MAX a block chain

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] The Wymade Max (Joint Representative Jang Hyun Book, Lee Gil-hyung) declared a transition to a global block chain game developer.

The Wymeade Max is a successful game developer M & A (acquisition merger) platform and is planning to promote company value. In addition, the series of light constructs and Joyce is a policy to prepare for the game market, which is a global block chain, which applies a block chain technology to all the games being developed.

Joyce The Studio is scheduled to carry out global formal services in the SF Strategy Simulation Game ‘Rise of Stars’. Rise of Stars is a SF strategy simulation game that enables large-scale war through federated fleet battle in unknown space space.

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In addition, the Light Conditions are developing a new RPG ‘project G’, which is blocked, and aims to launch a global market.

Lee Gil-hyung WiMeed Max, decided to apply a block chain to the game developed by the WMAD MAX and affiliates in line with the direction of the WMADID group, he said. I will try to try.

The Wayme Max will be set up as a successful game M & A platform as a profession, said Jang Hyun Buk, said Wymade Max, he said, Furthermore, Furthermore, said WMATE MAX, said, Furthermore, said the M & A platform of a successful game was a successful game, he said.

Meanwhile, the Wymeed Max has established a professional developer of a professional development company for the purpose of establishing a rapid management strategy for each business characteristic,