Joe City Western and Freestyle 2 IP License Agreement

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10. The Han Dynasty - The First Empire in Flames
[Kids News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Joey City (CEO) was announced on the 18th that China has signed a contract using the Chinese Games Chang (Moe-si, Choi Hye-yeon) and the use of Freestyle 2

Joey City provides a free style 2 IP license for the domestic services of the Mobile Game ‘Freestyle 2: Revolution Flying Dunk‘ through this Agreement, and the Art Support and PC version original BGM of Freestyle 2 and PC version.

The two companies plan to maintain close collaboration for the successful services of Revolution Flying Dunk.

Freestyle 2 is a subsequent of ‘Freestyle’, a street basketball game. Gorgeous graphics are added to the game capability of the previous work, and have been working on the distance basketball with a simple manipulation, and have been served in the global area, including Korea, China, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

Freestyle 2: Revolution Flying Dunk is a mobile game that is popular in Japan and China, featuring a popular useful 3D graphics and more softened operations.

Johan Joe Joy City, said, Freestyle 2: I am glad to be able to collaborate together with the Flying Dunk, I will try to make a good achievement. said.

Choi, Hye-yeon, I am happy to have a Freestyle 2 representing a basketball game, I am happy to have a contract using IP license. I said, he said.