Iron Harvest 1920 Complete Edition for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S X announced

To celebrate the 1st Iron Harvest 1920 + Jubilee, King Art Games is looking forward to contacting Iron Harvest Complete Edition, which appears on 26 October for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S / X.

This new part of the Iron Harvest was celebrated by the criticism contains the previously published DLC Rusviet Revolution as well as the Addon Operation Eagle and is accompanied by a new update, which is a new multiplayer card, a new build-up defense structure, improvements The ease of use and a lot of optimizations and adjustments for the popular squad-based RTS brings.

In addition to the gameplay content, King Art Games prepares the publication of a new Iron Harvest Extended soundtracks with 70 minutes of additional music from the main game and the Operation Eagle -addon, who in this anniversary month on Spotify, YouTube and other music platforms Available!

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization | Moving Forward

With airships dominating the sky, and huge diesel punk-mechs, which stomp on the floor, players have created a competitive and friendly community worldwide, which contributes not only with valuable feedback, but also striking the best Mech Commander to become the world of 1920+ has ever seen. For a long time before the successful kickstarter in 2018, the IH community has shaped that, which finally culminates in a complete edition.

The new announcement trailer looks back on this and gives a view of what the complete extension has to offer. Above all, a first look at the eagerly awaited console versions oils the diesel punk engine to release. King Art Games also grants a first look at the new game mode World Map, which will appear in the second year after the publication of Iron Harvest!

The Iron Harvest Complete Edition is included:

  • Four fractions with four unique campaigns
  • 12 playable heroes
  • 18 Multiplayer cards
  • Over 30 missions
  • Page-on-Page-Koop
  • Redefines the complete PC experience and optimized for consoles

The Iron Harvest Complete Edition appears physically and digitally on October 26 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S / X and will be available for 49.99 € / $.