Hong Kong massacre examination Switch

I love the Hong Kong massacre premise (HKM). Paint a foundation built in Hotline: Miami with a smooth layer of classic Hong Kong style action movies is a winning formula. there is no doubt. But, as is often the case with the small switch that could not, play via HKM on the last Nintendo console is difficult to recommend. Diving into these streets and shabby streets for a blood-revenge story is not easy. And you do not need to be disabled by what the switch can not do in a game that requires absolute precision.

I have already said, but these cursed joycon sticks are horrible for games that require accuracy. At least, when it is in the hands of most developers. This does not bode well for HKM that I play in Hades at his side. I understand that these are completely different games, but they share some flagrant similarities strictly from the point of view of design. These are both games that revolve around a series of descendant levels, emptying the pieces of enemies. But attention to detail in the most intense moments is what separates a masterpiece like Hades from HKM. When the world goes to hell (or is it the opposite?), Hades allows the player to always be in total control. When it’s HKM’s turn to get the heat up, it collapses.

This is due in large part to two things. Framerate drops to unacceptable levels in the most demanding situations. Overall, it remains quite stable, but it decreases enough to affect your timing. Combine that with the other problem, the jewelers themselves, and you can probably start to imagine how this happens. The frames fall, the fragile joycon stick can not hit the side of a barn and you die. These types of games are frustrating by nature, but the brilliants like Hotline Miami, at the very least, never feel unjust. I can not say the same thing for hkm.

If there is a piece of HKM who gives the impression that he has a brain behind, it would be the story. During 35 levels, a John Woo Style Story takes place as your favorite Hong Kong classics. It’s hard to say if you feel that the overall quality is at the height of the real movie, but it is undeniable that the writing is sufficiently polite to keep you interested. You will discover twists on your way to revenge, and if you invest in history, you will be rewarded with the time you will see credits.

To reach the end, you will need to master HKM’s ball-time mechanics. There is nothing extraordinary about how it works, and you saw it a million times before. Press the button, slow down the time, clean the house. Do not mistake yourself; It’s fun having the impression of playing a movie from John Woo. It’s just given HKM’s predisposition, you can have everything slow motion, paper cranes and extreme close-ups to close a landfill, but they will not give this game really the impression of being this that he tries to be. In addition, I can not ignore that there has been no ingenuity with regard to the functioning of the bullet time and dodge. If hkm had to be the new gold standard for this kind, so of course. But there is not one thing it does better than the best.

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Listen, in addition to having to deal with hardware limitations, Hong Kong massacre on the switch is very useful. If you are a fan of the Bang-Your-Head-Against-The-Wall experience that these games offer, look no further. But I can not recommend it on the switch compared to another system. And then, at this point, you could play something better. If ever a game has won the mediocre title, the Hong Kong massacre is.