Boxing YouTube Star Jake Paul will continue unbeaten Lebron James also excited

YouTube-Star Jake Paul (24) remains unbeaten in his professional career as a boxer in the fourth fight. The former UFC champion Tyron Woodley (39) defeated Paul after points in eight rounds.

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Two friers agreed for Paul, one for Woodley. Woodley is far from unknown in the martial arts scene: he was World Heritage Champion of UFCs between 2016 and 2019.

For Woodley, who ran for the fight to 86 kilos, it was the first boxing fight at all in a new weight class for him. Accordingly, Paul went into the fight as a favorite. He did not send Woodley to the boards, on the contrary: The former UFC champion held well.

I did not do my best tonight, said Paul. I give myself a 3 minus. It was the first time since my first amateur fight that I fought in front of audience.

The fight took place in Paul’s hometown Cleveland. Like the previous battles of the YouTube Stars, this worldwide interest also became. Even NBA superstar LeBron James showed enthusiastically. Cleveland jumps !! I should have started back to my home, James wrote at twitter.

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Woodley asked for his defeat a rematch. Paul voted to that – under a condition: Woodley has to let a I Love Jake Paul tattoo.