The fundamental water starting Tortoise participated in Pokemon Yunight

Pokemon Yuan Hurai Aid Water Start Pokemon Turtle King appears.

Pokemon Co., Ltd. said, on the 25th, the first AOS game on the official website, the new Pokemon Turtle King will participate in September 1, the new Pokemon Turtle King comes to Yunight. The Turk Wing is also a representative Pokemon of Pokemon Blue, as the final evolutionary type of the first-generation water type Starting Pokemonese. The two-definition cannon on the back, etc. can pour a powerful water groove, and it is also a few Pokemon, which has both MojiMac and Mega evolution.

Pokemon Yuan Night in Turkon is classified as a defense type Pokemon and serves as an enemy attack on the potential with high physical strength and defense. You can use the water grains and waters to push the enemy, or you may disturb the enemy while using a high-speed spin. Ultimately, Yunight Technology, is a hydro-taunt, 360 degrees the hydro pump and blows the opponent Pokemon.

Pokemon Yunight is a team strategy battle game, dealing with Yuanite Battle, which spreads on Eos Island. Yunight Battle is a game that has a team that has won more scores by securing the Pokemon in the field with five pokemon trainers, which is a team that has become a team,

Pokemon Yunight was selected on July 21 Nintendo switches, and will be released on September 22, Mobile (iOS, Android). The mobile version can be switched with switch and cross-play, and you can also link your account.