Yen Boso 2 third OST release

In psychology, a false-memory syndrome is a phenomenon where someone recalls something that did not take place or recalls it in a different way from the way it in fact took place. Suggestibility, activation of connected details, the unification of misinformation, and also source misattribution have actually been suggested to be several devices underlying a range of kinds of false memory sensations.
False memories are a component of false memory disorder (FMS).

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] NCsoft (Representative Kim Taekjin) released the third OST ‘memories of the third OSTmemory of the official launch of ‘Blade and Soul 2 (less than 2 (Blessed 2) released on the 27th.

The sculpture of memory is an album that reinterprets the Noh Theme song ‘I have a wind’ and organic theme song ‘Blow on that star’ as an acoustic version.

The OST title means a piece of memory that can be obtained through adventure in a block 2 game. Bostas 2 users can use the pieces of memory in the ‘Saga’ content to identify the story of Nooy and Organic.

This OST was responsible for the Sound of Blessed, and the echo sound and composer Hwangja worked together. Lugus Rizk (KEI) and singer Jung Seung-hwan, who called the Nooy, organic theme, participated in the song. Single-songwriter and guitarist were submitted, followed by Chelrist Kim Sol Daniel and Pianist Lee Young-sik joined the sensibility and acoustic melody of the original song.

On the other hand, Yen is serving a total of four block 2 OST albums sequentially. On July 30, August 6, the first and second OST were released. The fourth OST will be released later.