Junior heart pays attention Everbertocracy entry with lazy bag Role recommendation weapon props selection

Hello, I am a big big, I am going to share the basic Kong concept and combat skills of !!

Endlessness is uninterrupted is a martial arts style big escape Kong. The Kong model has a division and three people. There will be dark domain (poisonous circle) to limit the player’s map, with time, circle The smoose it, the smaller survivors who are still living will receive the victory. In addition, the three-person model is still very interesting. Before the first dark domain (toxic circle) contract, each person has a resurrection opportunity, so don’t waste the opportunity to fight every time!

The Novice Teaching in the beginning, you can know the basic combat method, there will be no more detail here.



At present, nebody has no time has launched seven roles. Every character has unique skills (f) and (v), skills and ortho, there are three different types, need to be unlocked through practice tasks, so play in play Don’t forget to learn the task!

The latest role of the Kong is demon knife, which is simple to classify according to the character positioning.

Group battle angle

Ning Red Night, Tmore, Tianhai

Single Pad

Demon knife, Ji Yahai, Canaan


Soil door pecan

Here is recommended to get a new day (King Kong), the Jinzhong hood of the oysters can be short-lived, and the oysters can be pulled up after the King Kong, and others can basically do not follow the big King Kong. Order, for novices, the characters are high, and there is a Kong experience.

After being familiar with the Kong fighting skills, it is recommended to go to other roles, like the season of the sea or demon knife, because if Kim just play too much, it will be too releaved to his skills (Jin Zhongcang), but a lot of fighting skills will not practice, After all, know that you know each other’s War, you are familiar with other characters, you can make yourself more clearly in the championship.


In terms of weapons, official version has added the Dagger for players to use in the early stage, while the late air outlets also have a legendary weapon to Made Wheel allows players to enjoy the fun of weeding (?).

The melee weapon is divided into gold, purple, blue, gray, and born in order according to the level, and the birth rate will get all the class weapons. The following helpments introduce the characteristics of all kinds of melee and remote weapons:

Melee Weapons

Long Sword: More often uses the sword attack, and the power is hit, and the power is put on the right stroke.

too knife: Personal control is very easy to use

Broad knife: Medical weapons must win, the house is basically invincible

Long gun: After a small period of time (Blueba Sports Dragon), then pick the left button or right-click the dance gun with golden tyrants (cannot be interrupted)

Dagger: At present, I feel the strongest weapon, and the close-up is basically 10-0.

万 刃 轮: Empty investment is only equipped, can’t be caught, as long as it comes to the opponent’s basic dead road

Remote Weapon

弩: Dealing with the controlled opponents or bigger King Kong, can give a very strong long-range attack in a short time

Birds: Sniper remote opponents, but the bullet is slow, and the enemy wants to hit needs to rely on pre-

Artillery: Long-distance parabolic range injury, in the face of the injury given by small mixed warfare

Five Eyes: Similar to the bullet gun in the Kong, but the practicality is low, basically not push

Bow and Arrow: can accommodinate or single-point attack, facing the treated or bigger King Kong can give a key blow

One bee: Empty investment is only equipped, long-distance can be placed, the damage is very high

Holder: Faced with controlled enemies can give high injury medium-distance weapons

Regardless of single row or three rows, as far as possible, the long equipment must bring , after all, will appear 345678 people from time to time, caught the best time to close, become the final survivor is the most important.

Soul jade is similar to the concept of rune, will give certain quality capabilities, of course, the soul jade also has a level difference (gold> purple> blue> gray), the effect is divided into the melee weapon effect, remote weapon effect, props effect, mobile effect Basic effect. At the beginning, you will open 4 base slots, and you can rely on the expansion to install more soul jade (open garbage or go to the store).

The detailed function of the soul jade can watch the battle of the Kong. The weapons of the gear can be viewed. If you have a weapon that is suitable for the corresponding soul jade, I will recommend it in the foundation. Rear resistance = attack> Distance = Physical strength , after all, this Kong is still the most common attack method with the melee.

护甲 & props

Armor is of course a grade, the armor level is the same as the weapon. There are blood pills, armor powder, and repair weapons, and repair the weapon. Finally, I feel the most important Fetus, whether it is a very important prop site for pursuit or running, so it is necessary to make sure I have these things on my body.

The genus is also one of the props, but it is necessary to purchase the spell in the store, and can apply geek attacks anywhere on the map (the applicant will not be injured).

人 包

Weapons: Long Guns (Mears), Daggers (Mears), Bowrow (Remote)

Soul jade: Battle & Attack

Props: blood (4), armor powder (4), Feto (12), Wuzi (4)

The born place has a so-called fertile, and the high resource district will be more garbage piles, but it will be more dangerous, so please discuss the position in accordance with your strength. In the past, we often exposed the big escape Kong. Most of the attack methods were short-term shooting. However, there will be no more than forever , there will be a good fight, and there is a basic anti-aiming to fight. It is also a very intimate design.

In addition, the player role in the Kong can also make a pinch design in accordance with themselves, here, come to share the Super Junning Red Night and the Blue Elf Baishi ~

The above is the experience sharing I play I have no time. If you have any questions or you want to discuss each other, welcome to my live station to learn about it!