Invincible destruction king Arcade move monster fence attack next year 4 people big trouble urban scattered fear

Monster version invincible destruction king? Single-developed arcade action Loren Lemcke monster fence attack (Termor of Hemasaurus) announced that it is expected to start early next year.

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From Loren Lemcke, monster fence attack issued by Digerati, let players play the pureness of the monster in the city of retro pixels.

There are four green dinosaurs called Hemasaurus, AUTONOMOUS HEMASAURUS mechanical beasts, Clocksloth’s oversized lazy, and Salamandrah overlord 螈 螈 螈 螈螈.


Don’t look at the monster of the vegetarian, you can destroy the buildings as long as you feel gently. Players should have a big trouble with the monster, the world’s world, see the building, sitting in the building, sitting a buttocks into ketchup.

Although there is a disaster, there is still some human beings regard the monsters as sacred existence, not only around the film, but also ask the monsters to continue to destroy the world.

If you feel that a person is not addictive, this work can call friends, assemble up to 3 friends form 4 people monster team, and make a larger chaos.

Monster Dinition is scheduled to board the PC in the early 2022, ps4 / ps5 , xbox one / Xbox Series X / S and Nintendo Switch, support traditional Chinese.