Critical role reveals new Secondary Statues of VEX and VAX

Rol Critico unveiled two new statues that will be launched by Collectible Sideshow next year. Earlier this week, Critico_ revealed that Sideshow Collectibles would launch VEX and VAX statues next year. Both are shown as high-level adventurers, with VEX holding their legendary arch Fenthras, Wrath of the Fey Warden, while VAX uses their Deathwalker guard and has the three daggers ready to attack. Each statue will cost $ 195 and measures approximately one foot of height. Statues are expected to be published in mid-2022.

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  • Critical role (@criticalrole) August 26, 2021

Rol critic is a popular web series on a group of voice actors who interpret calaboons and dragons. The program began as a weekly game filmed in the Geek & Sundry studio, but finally expanded and became its own media empire online. To date, Critico_ has completed two full campaigns of several years, one with the Heroes team of Vox Machina (which includes VEX and VAX) and another with Mighty Nein, which ended earlier this year. A third campaign will be announced at the end of this year.

In addition to producing weekly content from its own study (rolistic was separated from Geek & Sundry several years ago), R co-Critico also leads a growing media empire that includes novels, comics, table games products and more. The study raised more than $ 12 million to finance the production of an animated series on the characters of its first campaign, which will be launched on Amazon Prime. Amazon has also collected the animated series, titled _The legend of Vox Machina, _ for a second season.

The new statues continue for the popular line of Sideshow Collectible statues. SideShow previously announced Beau and Fjord statues of Critico_ of the Second Campaign, which are also available to preordinate and are expected to be published at the end of 2021 and early 2022.

You can book the new VEX and VAX statues on the SideShow website. Each statue costs $ 195.